Moon Creative Lab

is an innovation hub that powers the creation of new businesses for Mitsui & Co.

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Moon is Here to Light the Way

We surface the best ideas from our 42,000 employees, and provide the resources and environment for them
to build and launch businesses out into the world.
Our entrepreneurs have access to Mitsui & Co.’s global network, and can innovate in any country or industry.

We do business in various countries and industries. That’s why at Moon, we focus on the following spaces
to have maximum impact in the world.


Mitsui & Co. is a global connector, conducting business around the world. Moon is excited about blockchain’s potential to democratize networking and enable connection at not only the company, but at the individual level.



We believe that biotechnology will be at the center of the next “industrial revolution.” Advances in fields such as DNA analysis and genome editing have the potential to solve serious world problems from aging societies to access to sustainable energy.



Space is a new, untapped market that is full of opportunities. While space exploration may feel far away, new space businesses such as hotels and solar-powered energy plants are expected to launch as early as 2028.



Aging societies lead to various other problems, such as rising healthcare costs and dwindling workforces. We believe that we need to change it means to "age" and create a new vision for the state of an "aging society."



With advances in AI and Robotics, it is forecasted that as much as 49% of work in countries such as Japan may be automated within the next 20 years. We are excited to explore new business opportunities that arise with an automated society.


We are a Fast Growing Team

We are designers and dreamers, inventors and innovators who believe that we will light the way towards a more creative future.

We Collaborate to Move Fast

Moon and Mitsui & Co. partners with some of the most creative organizations in the world.

Want to Light the Way to a Creative Future?

We’re looking for people who are passionate about unlocking people’s innate creativity and designing impactful businesses for the future. Come join us!

Design Researcher

Great research breeds great design. You are the “people expert,” dream up new ways to spark insight, and inspire teams to create human-centered design.

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Interaction Designer

You create digital experiences. You can work seamlessly across various digital platforms, and create human-centered intuitive, unified, interactive experiences.

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Communication Designer

You are on a quest to tell better stories. You work across different visual mediums and strive to conjure the greatest emotional impact.

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Here is the Latest Scoop on Moon

1st Oct 2019

Moon Palo Alto Office "660" opened

The long-awaited project of creating a space for creativity has been realized! Moon opens its headquarter office at 660 High Street, Palo Alto.

27 Aug 2019

Moon’s 2nd Pitch Event

1 day, 2nd pitch, in 3 hours, from 4 countries (Japan, Hong Kong, India, Thailand) and 5 final contenders.

17 May 2019

Moon’s 1 st Pitch Event

10 aspiring individuals and teams presented their ideas to a panel of Moon committee and external consultants.

15 Feb 2019

WellCho launch!

“WellCho” is an inclusive loyalty-based platform, where users can gain and spend “Wellness points” for products and services that promote health and wellbeing.

23 Jan 2019

VUNA Project Kickoff

VUNA Project, a new project for African farmer now kick off.

15 Jan 2019

Digital ideation platform launched!

Moon starts collecting ideas from its 42,000 employees.

15 Nov 2018

PFM launch!

PFM is an R&D company for providing biomedical/healthcare solutions based on deep learning technology, including cancer diagnostics.

19 Oct 2018

Moon Tokyo Launch Party

2 Oct 2018

Droplet Project Kickoff

21 Aug 2018

Health Coin Project Kickoff

Please reach out to

Palo Alto

660 High Street, Palo Alto, California, 94301


6-12-18 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo (WeWork Iceberg 5F)